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I got it before I gave birth, and I got it in a natural delivery.

Pregnancy is a blessing.

It’s too painful for the mother herself.

It’s the same. He’s always sensitive.

Not only do you have a lot of course.

It’s hot, it’s cold, it’s not menopause.

I’m dying. I’m over four months.

Now I’ve got a full stomach. From the pelvis to the legs.

I fell asleep and my back hurt so much lower back hurt.

I didn’t plan on having a kid, and I’m in pain.

I’ve been through it, and it’s making me even more depressed.

I’m full of expectations for a child.Even if you go

When you’re sick, you’re always depressed.

It was a repeat.

She’s a homebody, so even if she’s out there,

I couldn’t refresh myself. I felt stuffy.

And then the fact that my husband has prenatal care…

He said, “Why don’t you take it?”

I hit him in the back. in the current situation

What kind of official was that?

I saw it on Mom’s Cafe, and it was a business trip massage.

I saw it. The reviews were really good.

First of all, I’m curious.

So I was looking into it, and I was thinking,

It’s run by the famous Dutrinity Spa.

I got to know Trinity Homespar Care!

It’s possible all over Seoul.

Should we get it since it includes my house?

I’ve been thinking about it, and I’ve been on the phone.

After that, I made a reservation.

It’s my first time getting a massage on a business trip, so I’m a little nervous.

Do you think he’ll be good at quarantine? the idea of

I heard about it, but the quarantine in the reviews of Mom’s Cafe.

I’ve decided to believe it when I saw the article saying it’s thorough!

It was amazing to see. I have a logistics team.

The beds we need for the spa.

They’ll ship it on their own and pick it up.

I didn’t have much to do.

On the day we made the reservation, the therapist said,

I’m going to visit you’

It was a little embarrassing, but he was so kind.

My guard was melting.

Besides, the quarantine was too strict.

Did I feel like I was a fungus?

Replace the mask you’ve been wearing.

You’re wearing it. Disinfect your uniform.

Hand sanitization, as well as the furniture used.

They disinfect everywhere I see them.

They’re probably already disinfected.

And you’re doing double disinfection.

I thought it was the best quarantine. Even in the cosy country

You can use it with confidence! That’s what I thought.

On a business trip massage

Things like beds and sheets.

It’s from a laundry company.

It didn’t feel damp or smelly at all.

I thought you left it at a laundry place.

It made me feel better.

I’m going to have a consultation first!

I’m checking my physical condition now!

I’ve been in and out of my mind lately, starting with my pelvis.

I can’t sleep well because my legs are numb.

My back hurts so much that I’m tired. I’m depressed. back

I told you a lot of things!

The Therapist will listen to it and be meticulous.

He’s been in the middle of a consultation.

You’re so kind that I’ve seen a lot of friends.

It felt familiar to me.

I’ve been pregnant since I was four months.

She said she liked it!

Trinity Homespa’s prenatal care program is…

Pregnancy, swelling, pain.

To prevent and to give birth in good health.

He said he’d help.

There are officials who get it after childbirth.

You could use postpartum care. I thought about it.

Preeclampsia prevents stiffness and pain in the pelvis.

Relax, relax muscle stiffness.

It’s a program that relieves leg numbness!

According to the rapidly changing body conditions during pregnancy.

Circulatory care and the need for mothers and fetuses.

Energy supplies and nutrients prevent fattening and

It’s an effective program for pain relief.

This is a program that’s been introduced by The Trinity Spa.

They say it’s a prenatal care program!

It also helps with natural birth, recovers from fatigue,

Helps prevent stiffness, ease pain, and relieve edema.

It’s a business trip massage.

There was a program!

All sorts of pain caused by body shape changes during pregnancy.

Prevents edema and psychological stability.

I want you to find her as much as possible before giving birth.

It’s called a program that boosts the mood!

Of these two, I’m going to choose the right program for me.

Let’s move on! When I’m worried,

The Therapist recommends it.

It wasn’t difficult at all!

My legs are numb, too.

I thought you’d release the pelvis first.

I got a full-fledged business trip massage!

First, put the cushion between your legs.

You’re comfortable lying on your side and being cared for.

I’ve been given a lateral and lateral massage, and it’s stable.

I can be controlled in a position.

That’s why I feel so comfortable.

I was able to get it.

I’ve got a full body massage, starting with my feet.

I was worried it might hurt, but the therapist…

Is there any discomfort, is there?

I’m so glad you kept asking.

Not a bit. Not a bit. Really cool.

I was able to get it.

While I was getting a massage, the therapist said,

You’re giving me your own tips.

I got some good information!

When my legs fall asleep, the groom gets dizzy.

He used to rub it off, but he’s also an expert.

He’s a very different touch.

I don’t even know how time has passed.

It was really comfortable.

The stress and depression that’s been building up.

I felt like I was disappearing.

And I’m so satisfied with that.

It’s also used by pregnant women and children.

It’s been used as mild as possible.

I was able to get a massage with more confidence.

Plus, you get a massage at home.

It was so comfortable.

When I get a massage, I fall asleep.

Suddenly, I feel like I’m relaxing.

I’m really sleepy, but when I go out and get it,

It’s hard to get a 스웨디시 good night’s sleep.

It’s not a good idea to drag your tired body home.

It was even harder.

But these are the best massages I’ve ever had.

You can get full care at home.

I lay in bed right after I was exhausted myself.

The fact that I can deep-slip…

I loved it. I’m just a homebody.

I’ve started with curiosity.

Trinity home care was a great fit for me.

I was so satisfied with being treated as a one-time experience.

I just got to buy ten tickets.

I got it before I gave birth, and I got it in a natural delivery.

I’m trying to succeed!

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