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Efficiently Receive Apartment Additional Mortgage

in recent years, including in Seoul Gyeonggi, Incheon, etc., only major areas In fact, the price of apartments is three to four times higher You can easily find the right one. in the case of a new city much more for the sale The right side is not too bad. The money that an individual has is no longer and we’re not allowed to sell our homes. The situation is like this, so we’re going to need I’m not sure if we can get a loan I also have questions. Presently, the limit LTV and DTI are obstructed So, the real estate trade in La financials It’s not an easy time. Even in these circumstances, we have You only have to be able to make it. So, I recently found that there’s a lot of money There are more people who know about it. This is used by the financial sector Even if they were there extra-fundable It could be an opportunity. In other words, it is a matter of It’s a product, so if it fits the basic conditions You can use it. First of all, I’m going to discuss Let me explain for a moment. This is the acronym for Loan To Value It refers 폰테크 to the loan ratio to the value. In the market, the 1 financial sector to the security of the security The government has decided to use the ratio of LTV I’m gonna have to multiply the amount It means that you decide. Usually, when you sell a new house, you can and we’re going to get a mortgage and a mortgage. If LTV is high, it has a lot of mortgage It’s coming out, but in the 1st financial sector In the case of homeless people, 60 ~ 70% It’s applied to the DTI maximum if applied The amount of money that can be loaned will be lowered. I’m not sure if it’s cash The maximum amount of additional mortgages in apartments is 95% It’s possible to do so. It’s hard in the general financial sector comparing different things If you make a reasonable choice I’m gonna need to know and you can trade. for the general public on finance or real estate Because of lack of knowledge, Is it the best thing for us, How much interest is going to be, The monthly payment is due how many, etc. It will be difficult to know in detail. So when you do this, I’m not sure how to get a consultation I’m recommending that. What kind of a process Is it necessary to meet the conditions? I’ll tell you what. In the past, the financial sector Even if you do, We can lend money. I used my home, so basically If you meet the conditions you need to be equipped with the grade lows, unpaid or the delinquency I think it’s better than I thought Approval in a tricky way You can get the deposit. The qualifications for the application He’s got a house in his name You either have to own it, a rent or rent You must be an adult over 20 years old. without the consent of the landlord The apartment you already have additional mortgages for apartments Expect approval I think you may see. even in the case of those without income You can proceed, but If you’re doing economic activity I think you’re better off It is relatively well approved.

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