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It was quite good, but I’ve never done it before, so I make a mistake and it gets caught by Master Kim.

In this episode, the MERS situation ended and Kang Dong-joo and Yoon Seo-jung confirmed each other’s minds.

Spoiler from below

Yoon Seo-jung enters the emergency room voluntarily.

When Master Kim asks Do In-beom about the situation, Do In-beom lies that he did not inform Yoon Seo-jung, but that Yoon Seo-jung called him and took over.

Master Kim will move on.

Kang Dong-joo recovers based on Yoon Seo-jung’s care, and the suspected MERS patient is not MERS.
Stonewall Hospital regains composure as it turns out to be a lung disease caused by freshwater fish.

Emergency room back on the move.

Jung Jin-young, a webtoon artist, is coming back to the emergency room, and Jung Jin-young is also a patient with an artificial cardiopulmonary device.

Master Kim entrusts Do In-beom, who said he had done Ekmo treatment of Jung Jin-young, to do In-beom, who was theoretically quite good, but actually made a mistake because he had never done it before, and it gets caught by Master Kim.

Master Kim tells Do In-beom not to ask him what he knows theoretically and what he actually does is different and what he is moving for, but not to do anything that turns him into a consumable.

To prevent Master Kim from performing Shin Myung-ho’s surgery, Do Yun-hwan tries to bring Hyun-jung back from abroad and persuade her to do so.

Shin Myung-ho continues to believe in Master Kim because his life is at stake, and he seems to be thinking that his life may be blown away by someone’s conspiracy.

However, Master Kim seems to have no other choice because he thinks he is the one who does his best to operate regardless of such interests.

Master Kim leaves Kang Dong-joo with Do In-beom for the surgery to replace Yoon Seo-jung with the first battery and begins preparation for the surgery.

by the way
There seems to be another problem with 무료 다운로드 Shin Myung-ho’s condition.

Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu Season 1
What was shown in Episode 14.

Yoon Seo-jung confessed her heart to Kang Dong-joo.
I like Kang Dong-ju, but I keep thinking of accidents five years ago because of Kang Dong-ju.

Kang Dong-joo said, “It’s okay to do that and you just have to like him.”

Do In-beom seems embarrassed as his weakness is caught by Master Kim and lies and his attempts are read.

Coincidentally, I’m back at Stonewall Hospital.
Coincidence says he was a Chinese student who worked as a surgical resident.
I’m currently a Pay Doctor at Stonewall Hospital.

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