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Regular exercise is also important

When you get older, your muscle mass decreases, and if you leave it as a natural phenomenon due to aging, you may have problems with liver health, so caution is needed. If myopenia caused by lack of muscle mass puts a strain on bones and joints, the risk of cartilage damage and arthritis increases and the amount of activity decreases, making it more likely to develop chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and dyslipidemia. Therefore, it is important to maintain muscle mass for your age, and it is necessary to check if you are in a ‘reduction’state.

‘Fingering test’ covering the calf with hands can diagnose sarcopenia. The method developed by Tokyo University’s Institute of Geriatric Medicine is to tie the thickest part of the calf with the thumb and index finger to cover it in a wide circle. At this time, if the finger is larger than the calf circumference and the space is loose, it is suspected of sarcopenia. According to the 강남출장마사지 Society of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Tokyo, people with perfect fingers have a 2.4 times higher risk of myopenia than those with thick fingers, while those with large fingers have a 6.6 times higher risk of myopenia than those with thicker calves than their fingers.

It is also possible to measure the circumference of the calf with tools such as tape measurement to determine whether it is sarcopenia. According to a survey of 657 senior citizens in Korea conducted by a team led by Won Won-won and Kim Sun-young, a professor of family medicine at Kyung Hee University Hospital, the entire body muscle mass tended to be proportional to the circumference of the calf, while 82% of patients diagnosed with myopenia had less than 32cm of calf circumference. Therefore, if you are 65 years old or older and have sarcopenia, and your calf circumference is less than 32cm regardless of height or gender, you should suspect sarcopenia.

It is known as common sense that you need to increase muscle mass to lose weight. However, some argue that increased muscle mass does not have a significant impact on weight loss. This means that even if muscle mass increases, the increase in basic metabolism is minimal.

Basic metabolism is the energy that our bodies use to maintain life, such as breathing and maintaining proper body temperature. If you have a high basic metabolism, you have a lot of energy consumed by your body, so you can easily lose weight with a little exercise, and even if you eat the same amount of food, you will gain less weight.

The more muscles you have, the higher the basic metabolism. However, experts explain that the amount of basic metabolism consumed by muscles is not large. In general, the number of muscles that can be stretched by exercise is about 1kg and the basic metabolism consumed by muscles is about 13kg. Seo Jae-won, director of 365mc Hospital, explained, “The figure is small considering that the calories of a bowl of rice are about 300kcal.”.

It is also not easy to gain muscle mass while losing weight. According to many studies of women, most failed to gain muscle mass at the same time as losing weight. Director Seo said that aerobic or muscular exercise can prevent muscle loss that can occur during diet, but it is difficult to increase muscle mass while losing weight “When you’re on a diet, you should focus on minimizing muscle mass loss rather than increasing muscle mass,” he explained.

If you want to reduce muscle loss during massage, regular exercise is important, but proper nutrition is more important. You are likely to miss nutrients that help maintain muscle function such as a low-calorie diet, protein and vitamins. Dr. Seo said, “If you limit calories, you will gain weight by reducing muscle mass and basic metabolism. In order to maintain a healthy diet, it is desirable to eat a variety of nutrients and eat 500-1,000 less calories than usual “I advise you to take protein as a complete protein in meat or fish, but not too much so that your protein intake does not exceed 30 grams.

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