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Lawrence’s political circle tries to put him in words and form a new one in their favor.

How many people trust politicians?
Even if you support a particular political party or politician, there is a negative perception of politics.
I think corruption and greed will be as usual, only invisible to the surface.
Politicians often think of pretensions and hypocrisy before faith or trust.
Of course, there may be politicians with integrity and upright beliefs, but I have witnessed countless disappointing scenes in the history of the past.
Roadkill is a webhard that starts with a deep-rooted distrust of politics.
Hurory appears as a politician in controversy and draws him into a murky political arena that seems to be playing a dissonance.

The four-part “Youngd Roadkill” was written by David Hare, author of The Hours the Reader, and directed by Michael Killer of the Webhard Silkline of Duty Strike.
Webhard begins with the arrogant appearance of Transport Minister Peter Lawrence, who has just won a lawsuit against the media, and follows the journey of a problematic figure, portraying a bitter world full of betrayal and opposition.
If the average political webhard is centered on characters or beliefs, Rodkill is more of a map of Hugh Laurie’s surrounding Peter Lawrence.
Even though he played the main character of a politician, he seems to be watching a Heist movie with a darker black comedy color than the heavy weight unique to political webhard.

Let me introduce the main character of controversy.
Peter Lawrence is a self-made politician in real estate development.
Although he has no good academic background, he jumped into politics and became the Minister of Transportation.
Considering the fact that he is surrounded by reporters after winning the case, the relentless move of saying what he has to say without being aware of the public eye seems to be the secret to gaining popularity.
Rather than paying attention to the likes and dislikes, he seems to have steadily exposed himself to the media and established himself as a politician.
He is far from a clean politician image. He is cunning and snobbish.

Webhard gradually destroys Lawrence’s privacy, portraying how he is keeping his place in the world.
Some are making headlines with aggressive and bold moves, but the position shows that it was not achieved by an individual’s efforts.
While the lost and unemployed journalist is trying to find key evidence to prove Lawrence’s corruption, the political circle to which Lawrence belongs tries to set a new stage in their favor.
The ambitious Lawrence doesn’t mind the opportunity.
Contrary to expectations, the prime minister appointed him as the justice minister and hit the back of his head, but opportunities will come.
The conservative party, which checks the prime minister, reaches out.
The plate, which is busy running from nowhere, features a maneuver to put the p2p site in the front row.

Lawrence’s ambition is even greater thanks to the p2p 사이트 high power and hidden staff, despite the suspicions and controversies surrounding him.
But the embers remain.
This is because his family, whose ties have already faded, has almost reached the level of disbandment.
Self-righteous and selfish, he constantly hurts and disappoints his family.
In addition to being caught for a long time, he himself informs the media of the existence of an extramarital child he has only recently learned about without consulting his family.
As a result, the daughter turns away and the wife embraces anger.
He gets a cold warning at the moment he revels in the best of his career as a politician.

Roadkill does not end with the downfall of unscrupulous politicians.
Instead, Lawrence, whether intended or not, drives him to a dangerous place where he may be trampled and thrown away, just as those involved with him were betrayed and hurt.
I wouldn’t have had to drag him out.
He has already secured political life.

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