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Maintain a high-quality lifestyle with a pregnant woman’s massage.

Hello, this is her skincare office in Yongho-dong, Busan, where she massages pregnant women well.

It’s already December at the end of the year.

I feel like I’ve been robbed by Corona 19 this year.

Especially pregnant women, I’m more careful about the house, just in case.

There’s a lot of regrets about the suspension of all the programs.

Pregnancy brings a lot of changes.

One of them is food.

Strangely enough, I don’t usually eat it at all, but I find it during pregnancy.

Even the food that I used to eat is something that I don’t want to see during pregnancy.

There are many places I want to eat. Can I eat it no matter what?

You can’t help but think about the health of the fetus and the mother, which is the biggest concern.

This posting is about food that pregnant women should avoid.

Pregnant women, I hope you’ll be of much help.

Even if it’s food that you should avoid, once in a while, except for alcohol and cigarettes,

Eating is okay.

There may be a problem if you eat too much.

Food that pregnant women should avoid

Yulmoo has many benefits for the general public, including vascular health, eye health, edema, and skin care.

It’s a healthy food, but because of its cold nature, its moisture, and its burning of fat,

A high intake of pregnant women can cause uterine contraction.

Lack of fat and moisture in the fetus adversely affects the fetus’ growth.

Red beans help control blood pressure, constipation, hair loss, lower cholesterol levels, and lower blood vessel health such as diabetes.

It’s a food that improves.

But when pregnant women eat a lot, they boost their hormone metabolism.

Risk of malformations or miscarriage due to hormonal imbalance.

Mung beans are also cold and have strong anti-inflammatory properties, so when pregnant women eat a lot of them, they’re very important.

It can interfere with growth.

◆l Aloe

Aloe, a succulent plant widely used for food and medicinal purposes in Korea.

Increased immunity, whitening of the stomach, intestines and skin, healing wounds, and bowel movements.

It’s helpful.

But if you take it while you’re on your period, it can cause excessive bleeding and allergic reactions.

Occasionally, it can happen.

If a pregnant woman eats a lot of aloe, it causes uterine contractions,

Risk of miscarriage and may cause birth defects.


Caffeine is in chocolate, coffee, soda, tea, etc.

It’s easy to access.

A moderate amount of caffeine is good for your body,

Too much intake can cause insomnia, palpitations, heart disease, gastrointestinal disorders, high blood pressure, etc.

It causes side effects.

maximum daily intake of caffeine

Adult: 400 mg or less

2.5 mg per KG for Youth:

Pregnant women: under 300 milligrams.

100 to 200 milligrams of coffee Americano and 60 to 100 milligrams of energy drinks.

It contains caffeine.

postnatal dyspnea, 마사지 bacterial infection of a child when a pregnant woman overdoses.

a sudden death that poses a risk of something, causes miscarriage, premature birth, and causes unknown causes.

There may be.

Sikhye has been a traditional Korean food for a long time, and holidays and parties have been

It’s a must-eat food.

Drink a lot as dessert, greasy food on holidays or special days,

You eat a lot when you overeat, especially when you have indigestion.

And the taffy of sikhye inhibits the secretion of breast milk.

It is also used for sweetening after giving birth.

If a pregnant woman takes too much, the malt in the sikhye will develop her mammary gland.

It inhibits the fetal and maternal umbilical cord, making it difficult to deliver nutrients or oxygen.

You can give birth to a baby who is underweight.

tobacco liquor
Cigarettes and alcohol are things everyone should avoid for their health.

If the smoking period is long for several years before pregnancy, the concentration of carbon monoxide in the body, harmful substances,

It’s piled up, so even if you quit smoking right after you’re pregnant, you’re still at risk of premature birth.

There’s a study that says it’s about five times.

If you have a long period of smoking before you get pregnant, you should quit smoking for at least two years.

It’s better to get rid of the harmful ingredients in your body and get pregnant.

Alcohol, tobacco can have a fatal effect on the fetus’ brain, heart, nerves, chromosomes, and so on.

You can increase it.

hot food
Raw foods (sashimi, shellfish, raw eggs, undercooked meat) are also common in food poisoning and bacterial infections.

Occasionally, it happens.

If you are pregnant, you should be more careful because your immunity is lower than that of the general public.

There’s a risk of parasites, bacterial infections, food poisoning, and the mother’s symptoms

If you don’t have it, it’s going to affect the fetus.

It has a bad effect on the central nervous system of early childbirth, miscarriage, stillbirth, and fetus.

Large fish, such as tuna, are rich in mercury and heavy metals.

When mercury and heavy metals pile up in the mother’s body, they accumulate in the fetus, and they cause neurological disorders, developmental disorders, etc.

It can cause.

◆Health A supplementary vitamin A
The basic health supplements for pregnant women are folic acid, vitamin D, and lactobacillus.

The health supplement that pregnant women should be careful about is vitamin A.

Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin that is absorbed into our body.

The daily intake standard for pregnant women is 500IU.

You should always check your health supplements.

There is a high risk of birth defects when pregnant women take too much vitamin A.

Eating vegetables and fruits is fine.

I have shoulder cramps, back pain, torsion pain, leg cramps, edema, and so on a daily basis.

It’s hard, but many people are waiting for the birth day because of Corona 19.

The basis of prenatal education is the comfortable life of a prospective mother.

Maintain a high-quality lifestyle with a pregnant woman’s massage.

Our skin care center in Yongho-dong, Busan. Her care center.

I’m using KF94 mask as Corona Thatcher.

After one person is finished with 1:1 care, use a care room alcohol spray to disinfect.

Hand sterilization is performed at the beginning and end of customer care.

Also, we ventilate and circulate the air whenever we have time.

Also, if you have cold symptoms on the same day, we are not making reservations for a while.m. for a while.

maternal massage care sequence

Full-body scrubs 측Side and other techniques 체Side lower body techniques →Front lower body techniques → Arm techniques

→Applying oil to prevent chapped breasts and abdomen →neck, two-blood pressure

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