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Yongho-dong Skin Care Office Her office, where pregnant women massage well, food that pregnant women should avoid. Hello. This is her care center who is good at massaging pregnant women in Yongho-dong’s skin care center.
It’s already the end of the year. This year feels like I’ve been robbed by a corona.
In particular, pregnant women are more careful with their feelings, and there are many regrets about stopping all the programs.
A lot of transformers come when you get pregnant.
It’s one of the foods.
Interestingly, even the sieve is not eaten completely, but I found it during pregnancy, and there is food that I used to eat normally, and food I don’t want to see during pregnancy.
There are so many things I want to eat that I can’t help but think about the health of the fetus and the mother.
This posting has prepared food that pregnant women should avoid.
Pregnant women, I hope you have a lot of help.
Even if you need to avoid food, it’s okay to eat everything except alcohol and cigarettes once.
There may be a problem if you eat too much.
Foods that pregnant women should avoid: Yulmoo, red bean curmudgeon, red bean curmudgeon, red bean curmudgeon, and other health benefits for the working class, but its cold nature, moisture release, and fat burning properties can lead to uterine contraction and poor fetal growth.
Red bean is a food mouth that improves blood pressure, constipation, hair loss, cholesterol level, and improves blood vessel health such as diabetes.
However, there is a risk of malformations or miscarriage due to hormonal imbalance due to active hormonal metabolism when pregnant women eat a lot.
Mung bean also has a cold temperature and strong anti-inflammatory effect, which can hinder the growth of the fetus when consumed by pregnant women.
Aloe, a succulent plant widely used for food and medicine in Korea, helps with immune enhancement 대전건마 camouflage and skin whitening and regenerative wound healing bowel movements.
However, if consumed during menstrual work, excessive bleeding can be caused and allergic reactions may be employed.
After high intake of aloe by pregnant women, there may be a risk of uterine contraction miscarriage and may be a natural deformity factor.
Caffeine caffeine is in chocolate, coffee, soda, and tea, and you can easily get it.
Eating a moderate amount of caffeine was helpful for our body, but after eating too much, we work for side effects such as insomnia, pounding, heart disease, gastrointestinal problems, and high blood pressure.
The maximum amount of caffeine consumed by adults or less is less than pregnant women per adolescent.
Coffee Americano energy drinks have caffeine in them. If a pregnant woman eats too much, there is a risk of bacterial infection with difficulty breathing after giving birth, and there may be sudden deaths of unknown factors, causing miscarriage premature birth.
Sikhye Sikhye has long been a traditional Korean food, and it is a food mouth that does not miss holidays or feast days.
I drink a lot for dessert and eat a lot of greasy food on holidays or special days when I have indigestion.
Also, the malt of sikhye inhibits the secretion of breast milk, so it can be used when the childbirths are sweet. If a pregnant woman eats too much, the malt oil contained in Sikhye interferes with wired development and erases the umbilical cord that connected the fetus to the mother, making it difficult to deliver minutes or oxygen, which can lead to low-weight babies.
Drinks, cigarettes, cigarettes, and alcohol are things that you had to avoid for good health.
Studies show that if the smoking period is several years long before pregnancy, the risk of premature birth is twice higher than that of non-smoker pregnant women even if they quit smoking immediately after pregnancy because of accumulated carbon monoxide concentration harmful substances in the body.
If the smoking period is long before pregnancy, it is recommended that you quit smoking for at least a year to remove harmful ingredients in your body and get pregnant.
Alcohol and tobacco can have a fatal effect on the fetus’ brain, heart, and nerve chromosomes, and can increase the birth rate of malformed babies.
Raw food raw food raw food raw raw shellfish raw meat is often infected with food poisoning bacteria even in the working class.
If you are pregnant, you need to be more careful because your immune system is lower than the average person.
There is a risk of parasites, bacterial infections, food poisoning, and even if the mother does not have symptoms, the smell of the spirit on the fetus is great.
Early Childbirth, miscarriage, stillbirth, has a good effect on the central nervous system of the fetus.
Large fish, such as tuna, are rich in mercury and heavy metals.
When mercury and heavy gold particles accumulate in the mother’s body, they can accumulate in the fetus and work with neurological disorders and development disorders.
Health supplements The most necessary health supplement that pregnant women have ever had is the folic acid vitamin lactobacillus.
A health supplement that pregnant women should keep in mind is a vitamin.
Vitamin is a fat-soluble vitamin that is absorbed by our body.
The standard of daily consumption of pregnant women is poor.
You should always check when taking health supplements.
There is a high risk of malformed babies when pregnant women take too much vitamins.
Eating vegetables and overwork is fine.
It’s hard to fly due to shoulder strain, back pain, tangle pain, legs, and swelling, but many people are waiting for the birth date due to the corona.
The basis of prenatal care is the comfortable life of the prospective mother.
Maintain a high quality life as a pregnant woman.
In our Yongho-dong skin care center, she uses a corona treatment mask to take care of the skin. After one person is done with care, she sterilizes the care room with alcohol and disinfects the patient’s care with her hands.
Also, whenever I have time, I ventilate and circulate the air.
Also, customers who have symptoms of a sugar-labor cold are not making reservations for a while.
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