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It really makes people feel comfortable.

When I get out of my clothes, I feel tired when I put my feet in the warm water that I prepared beforehand.

You’re supposed to take the salt out of Abeda in the water, and if you put your foot in the water, Martha would come over.

They are going to use cream to massage your feet. The cream has the effect of exfoliating.

Aveda Comforting Tea for drinking while taking a foot bath.

The scent is gentle and the taste is sweet, so I drank it all and was guided along the long corridor.

He went to a room where he could be privately managed.

I was guided to a double room because the manager was considerate of you.

It’s a double room where you can come with your friend or girlfriend and get treatment together.~

There is also a single room, so those who come alone can get private care.

Some of you might be worried about the situation, but there’s a disposable face cover on the pillow.

It’s a relief. He told me that he’s taking good care of himself and he’s taking good care of the quarantine.~

You can tell the quality of this store by just looking at the neat and tidy towels!

The towel is soft and soft, so it feels like a hotel towel.

The advantage of being able to be managed with the oil of the scent you want by tasting it before massaging!

I personally tried 6 scents and chose the oil of the first product I tried. I heard his name, but I can’t remember exactly.

I disinfected my hands, measured my body temperature, and recorded the QR code before entering. There were disinfectant alcohols all over the place, but the Aroma massage managers in 시흥 건마 Daegu were very busy disinfecting the store from time and time. These days, I’m very concerned about prevention, but this shop is very careful about prevention and prevention, so I was able to drink safely without worrying about corona.

I felt like an expert as well as a manager who worked really hard for an hour.

You touch it once or twice and you unlock it, and then you recognize that it’s clumped together.

He was a little more attentive.It could be a little bit painful since it was a lot of clump, but since you adjust the pressure,

I got a really cool feeling!! Do the back first, and after the back, do a warm massage and do the legs.

It felt like you were filling up an hour.

Sangwangsimni Massage The Hanoy Foot & Body who healed so happily

This is a management shop that I strongly recommend to people who go near Wangsimni.

Since I entered the massage shop in Daegu, the scent of scented candles has been full. Smelling the scent made my head clear and my mind calmed. I felt more comforting because I was tired. It seemed like you were using a variety of scented candles, so the scents were all different. I think scented candles really make people feel comfortable.

There are often decadent massage parlors that I visit for the first time. Whenever that happens, I’m very flustered and try to go to the aroma massage shop to feel good, but I feel even worse. This shop had this notice in front of the entrance, so I was able to take care of it comfortably.

They gave me a welcome tea and a warm chamomile tea. The scent of warm tea and warm energy came into my body, so I felt relaxed as I warmed up my cold body. I asked because the car smells so good, but they said they use a hotel car. No wonder the aroma massage shop’s tea smells so good because it has a different flavor and flavor than other places!

Daegu massage program consisted of 80 thousand won for 60 minutes of course A, 80 thousand won for course B, 120,000 won for 90 minutes, Swedish massage and aroma. The price is not that expensive, but I made a reservation because I heard that the shop has good cost-effectiveness due to its good skills and facilities, but I’m already curious about the management.

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