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I’m massaging my feet, too.

Relax your muscles with wireless vibrations of massage gun care!

In your 20s, if your husband massages you on your shoulders, legs and feet,

I was ticklish and sick, so I told him not to do it.

But these days, if you massage my shoulders,

It was cool, too.

This is proof that you’re getting older, right?

I don’t want to admit it, but I can’t fool my age.

These days, my wrists are especially sore.

If I hold her for a long time, my shoulders get stiff.

So I thought it would be helpful to have a massage. My husband also asks me to kneel his feet every day. I wanted to borrow some mechanical power, so I used a care lock massage.

It’s easy for modern people who are tired of their busy lives to have their muscles together because they are always nervous. I prepared this to relax my muscles.

I was able to use it coolly with a high-performance DC motor.

It was organized in the bag so that it was easy to keep. I really like this composition.

I thought it would be nice to see it as a gift for my parents.

an office worker who works sitting down for a long time.

the service industry that works standing up and down all day

a stay-at-home mom who is tired of housework and childcare

a test taker who sits down for a long time to study

Sports people and senior citizens

It’s a product that can be used in various age groups.

There are four heads.

Round heads are waist, abdomen, hips, thighs.

Fork-type heads include back, neck, shoulders, etc.

Flat heads are for abdomen, chest, legs, etc.

Focus heads are calves, thighs, soles, palms, etc.

You can touch it and adjust the intensity.

The number on the left indicates massage strength!

Strength can range from 1 to 20 levels.

The number on the right is the battery residual sign!

It’s marked as 10-1, so keep that in mind.

It works if you leave it on below.

It was easy because it was a touch method.

It plays a role in reducing tension in muscles and pain after exercising by reaching deep into the fascia with high frequency vibration stimulation.

It also takes care of the inner muscles with vibrations that give a powerful impact of 3200 rpm per second!

It was really strong. Even with one, it’s perfect.

Using a high-performance battery of 2000 일산 마사지 mAh,

You can use it for a long time on a single charge.

When I work at home for a long time, sometimes my legs feel numb. Whew~ I was in trouble every time.

When I loosened it like this, it felt like my pulling muscles were loosening.

I patted the clumpy shoulder muscles to release them.

I took a quick liver and loosened my muscles with a massage gun, and it became soft.~

It’s easy to hold because it has a handle.

I’m massaging my feet like this.

The soles of my feet were itchy.LOL

I’m adjusting. Step one was enough for me.~

Luxurious yet easy-to-use carelock massage.

I’m working hard on it. at various headways

I think it would be good to use it properly.

Shall we stretch our muscles together?

If you need it, please participate in the comments below.

I’ll send this product to one of you.

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