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Manage your backlinks more effectively.

There are some questions that I often get when I conduct search engine optimization consulting. “Is the backlink needed to optimize the search engine?” Backlink building is an integral part of the off-page SEO, which is one of the search engine optimization processes, but when you try to do backlink building, there are many people who are frustrated with what backlinks are, how backlinks are made, and why there are so many words related to backlinks.

In this posting, we’re going to take time to find out what the backlink is and how to make the backlink.

What is a backlink?
Backlink is a link that links one website to another, referring to another. However, not all links are recognized as back links by the search engine, but back links that are recognizable by the search engine must be clickable hyperlinks. For example, for twin words, ” with hyperlinks removed” is not considered a backlink, but the with hyperlinks generated is considered a backlink.

Then, is the more backlinks the better? The answer is “not always.” Of course, the amount of backlinks can help you rank higher in search results, but most backlinks with lower quality backlinks on the website may have a negative impact on the top ranking of the search engine.

High quality backlinks are one of the factors that help websites get high-level exposure in search engine results. High quality backlinks are backlinks that come from authoritative sites that are already ranked at the top of Google’s search engine with content related to the website.

The backlink must also come from a site that is relevant to the website and from an authoritative site that is ranked at the top. For example, if the websites that are giving backlinks to websites are gambling sites or illegal pornographic sites, they’re not backlinks that help optimize the search engine, right?

In summary, the higher the quality backlinks received from various authoritative sites related to the content of the website, the higher the opportunity for top search engine ranking (top exposure of search engines).

Why is the backlink important?
1. Brand awareness/exposure
As mentioned earlier, the backlink is to give the link to our website from another website. If our website is repeatedly mentioned in the contents of other websites, it can naturally lead to brand exposure and further increase in brand awareness.

2. Network hardening/traffic escalation
Having a lot of backlinks can help you strengthen your business network and increase traffic naturally. If someone reads a good post and sees a backlink pointing to its source, it is likely that they will click the link to find out who the author is and where the article was posted. If the user who visited our website through the backlink liked the content on our website, they might be able to subscribe to newsletters or follow social media.

3. Organic Search Ranking Escalation
Organic search refers to search engine search results rather than keyword search results, which are charge-per-click advertisements such as PPC or CPC. Backlink construction has a positive impact on the ranking of search engines because it is one of the criteria that the search engine evaluates that our website is a reliable website that is recognized by other websites. Therefore, managing the backlinks 백링크 very well can help you rank high on the search engine.

Backlink related vocabulary
Link juice: This term is used to refer to the value of a hyperlink or backlink to a specific website or page. When a link from a website or post to our site is posted, ‘link juice’ is passed through that link, which helps us reach the top of the search engine rankings. For example, if page A publishes a link to a twin word, link juice is passed through that link, which helps the twin word rise in search engine ranking, and the higher quality backlink, the more link juice is delivered.

No follow link: These links do not provide link juice on websites or pages and do not contribute to search engine rankings. If you don’t want to increase the ranking of websites you refer to by using the no-follow link, you can use the no-follow link, which can be applied to ” no-follow”= Text= on HTML.

Sponsored link: A link for advertising or a link sold for a fee. Google does not collect these links. HTML

User-generated content links (UGC links): refer to links within content in the same form as user-generated comments. It is not collected by the search robot and can be applied as

Follow link: By default, all links are follow, so link juice is delivered unless the user sets it as a no follow link.

Anchor text or link text: This text is blue-underlined, clickable text in hyperlinks, which is effective when you want to gain the upper hand in a particular keyword search ranking. For example, if you have a link that says “Click here,” you should replace it with the name of the page it connects to, or with the keyword it represents (for example, “Social media management tools”). A small number of keyword searches (keyword research) are needed to determine which keywords are effective.

Root domain: The number of backlinks from the domain to your website. No matter how many backlinks you have, it doesn’t work for the top ranking of the search engine if all the domains you’re giving backlinks are the same.

Internal Link: A link from one page to another within the same website is called an internal link or an internal link.

Low-quality links: Spam, links from automation sites are low-quality links, which can adversely affect webpage ranking. Low quality links can be removed through the Google Search Console.

How to build a backlink
We’ve talked about the importance of backlinks, so how do we build them? Until Google announced the new algorithm in 2012, backlink buildings in the form of Black Hat SEO were available to generate, buy and sell backlinks in bulk. But now that backlink deployment with Black Hat SEO is the target of Google penalties, you need to build a backlink building strategy in a normal way, and you can try the following ways:

1. Create and distribute popular posts
You can create and distribute articles containing popular keywords related to websites/company/products to a variety of routes to encourage readers to voluntarily link to them. If you want to investigate keywords and you don’t know where to start, try Twinword Ideas.

2404 Requesting Link Replacement
If the backlink you are giving on a page that talks about topics similar to our website, business, and content is a 404 error link, you can ask the author to replace it with a link directly to our website. To seize this opportunity, we have to make a habit of always tracking the postings of our website/company/product related websites.

3. Guest Lighting
Sometimes some websites receive guest lighting, which allows you to distribute the content of our website and insert backlinks to our website.

4. Wikipedia Links
Wikipedia is an open website that anyone can modify. You can modify the link inserted in the information page related to our website to build the link. Learn more about how to build links through Wikipedia.

Backlink Tool
The search engine optimization through backlink building is completed by effectively managing the backlinks held by the website. Below is a backlink tool that allows you to manage not only our website but also the backlinks that competitive websites have at once. Manage your backlinks more effectively with backlink management tools.

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