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I want to buy a used car with a Mercedes-Benz C-Class 88 car

If I don’t drink coffee, I fall asleep. If I drink coffee,

My heart is pounding and what should I do?

Friends around me say, first of all, that sleepiness is the most important thing.

It’s a big problem, so I’m going to tell you how to control him.

He advised me to look for it.10,000~~~

It’s not easy. It’s the gum that wakes you up.

I’ve bought them, but they’re temporarily very angry.

Chewing it, the cold air of winter in your nose

I feel like I’m coming in, so the effect is a little bit…

You know what? That’s why I’m still using this.

I’m doing it, and I’m going to lose my chin.

It’s the same. I don’t usually chew gum like this.

I chewed it often, so the ends are numb.

I don’t have the usual motion sickness when I’m driving.

I can concentrate. One day,

I suddenly wanted to go to the complex. As a result

I’m looking around, and I’m looking for something I’ve always wanted.

There was also a used Mercedes-Benz C-Class. Name only

Don’t you feel it even if you listen to it? present-day

For me, it’s not like I can bring him in.

It’s far away, but one day we’ll be able to bring him back.

I’m trying to be greedy. Visual

From the actual driving performance, specifications, etc.

I didn’t kneel. I’ll take the introduction.

It’s W205 C200 avant-garde grade.

It’s not a regular bet, is it? I thought white was the right color.

You looked like you were giving it a good look. black as well

It creates a high-quality mood.

Personally, when it was white, it was Benz’s.

It seems to be true. to a great extent

And the emblem that appeals to the core.

There was, and the emblem was big, so the surrounding area.

The design of the lo is too detailed.

It wasn’t there. I liked this, too. Haha

It’s too much, too fancy.

You might think, “Oh, no, no.”

I liked it because it wasn’t like that.

Designated as the base of the headlamp with a sleek line

to the rear lamp at the rear.

Facing a polished gemstone

The round, sleek design makes it attractive.

They’re giving it to me! There’s a trunk, but the application

Draw the lines soft and dynamic.

I’ve been giving it to you. It looks more complete.

I could tell you it was good. Hah!

Position the logo above the license plate without breaking it

Proper chrome molding and outline.

The processing is very impressive! Trunk space

It’s a pass as well.~

to the wheels of a tire that seem to crowd into the center.

I looked around, and then I came in.

Completely dark black interior with sheets

From the top to the ceiling!

Rather, the interior was more of a taste, full of romance.

at the intermediate price of the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

It was shown! Black box for exclusive use.

It’s still attached. Oh, it’s a model year.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned the mileage.

I’d like to let you know at least now.

What I’m facing is the 2017 model.

It’s 30,000 kilometers, even if we check if it runs.

You’ve been on the road for so long, or that’s the problem.

to a degree that is as thick as it can be.

Nothing happened. It’s rather neat

I could tell you it was out there.

It was like that. A stylish gout is also a garden type.

Center fascia in shape, three on both sides

And it’s also distributed to other positions.

in order to prevent dust from entering easily

There’s also air conditioning and heating.

Heating with cooling 88카 heating system and additional heat lines

I’m glad you’re adding functionality.

Pre-manage the interior to suit the word “comfort.”

I’d like to tell you it’s ready.

When you’re in the driver’s seat, maybe you’re just sitting there

I don’t know if it’s comfortable. on a full scale

It’s not the sedan that was with me, but it’s driving alone.

It’s a space that’s not too much to do.

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class used to be designed!

I mean, there’s a difference between likes and dislikes, but this is the second row.

I was accepted by my standards. Haha

The distribution of space was balanced.

I remember it, and it didn’t have an accident.

I’m sure the air bag will work as well. ^^

The trip screen isn’t very big, so just in case,

I want a big wide screen.

I’m sure you’d be sorry if you were there.

It’s the same, but I want you to compare it absolute comparison.

If possible, the screen size is not small, but rather,

It was big! And apparently a scratch.

There were no marks, no glitches on the screen.

Even if you actually run it, it’s pretty much the same.

Rapid response speed and configuration of multiple manuals

I’m doing it until here. It was good. Navigation

If you try one thing, you’ll get the answer.

I’ve given you a great deal of guidance. Update.

It’s been done well, too, and it’s been used.

You get frustrated because of the lag.

There was no problem. It’s just the way it was.

You can use what’s in it.

That was a relief. Other media systems.

Even with the back, it works just as well.

If you turn on the rear camera, it’s very…

You’re going to be amazed. Because of the blind spot.

It keeps you from getting shuddered.

The feeling of the wheel is overwhelming.

It was good to have. Power Sheet on the left

Power-operated buttons that can be operated as can be used to position the seat.

He’s holding it. It’s turning yellow.

It also looks a bit unusual. Gearbox

There is a transmission in the space used as

I didn’t do much. The lever behind the handle.

It’s in place. He says you can use it

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