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It’s a famous healing shop. I like it

I have been getting full body massages and skin massage frequently these days.

All my married friends.

She recommends that you take care of it.

One of them was Cain Me!

I found out that there were a lot of branches and more than a million members.

It was a place I was taking care of, so I trusted it.

The teachers who take caregivers,

Ga In-mi has the director’s profile.

It also increases reliability.

It’s a place where doctors, professors, and former masters of science do it.

I think it’s more than just esthetic.

with a pink interior

It is reminiscent of a comfortable cafe atmosphere.

Before the Gangnam Full-body Massage

Let’s start with a simple survey!After that, I have a consultation.

Information on overall management and

They explain in detail using bone model.

I ask you about your concerns in my body face,

They also check the areas that need to be managed with care.

I said I was worried about the face jawline and cheeks.

By taking care of the back of the body,

It’s got to do with the face getting smaller.

I didn’t know that part, so I learned a new fact.

You know the underlying cause, and when you do some management,

I don’t know how the body changes.

You let me know exactly, so I think you can guarantee the effectiveness.

The care I’m going to receive is a facial care.

Small face reduction management, among them premium management.

The maintenance time is 90 minutes and 150,000 won per time.

Face and body care are included together.

We need to take care of the back of the body together.

There’s a connection to the shrinkage.

It was included in face 마사지 care…!)

I only do it until 9 o’clock on weekdays because of the corona.

You’d better visit by 7:20 at the latest.

In addition to small face care,

Because there are a variety of customized skin care.

I’m going to talk about what I’m worried about.

It would be better to decide after consultation.

Face asymmetry or lower body care.

They’re all customized to meet the needs of the customer.

That’s one of the advantages of hosting the eventually!

I couldn’t take a picture when I was doing a back massage.

Unlike other shops, this is not just about the shoulders.

You’re taking care of my entire back.

At first, I lied down on my stomach and got it.

I just got hit by a shoo-link and a chin botox.

The area is weak, and the other part is moderate.

You gave me a delicate massage.

It divides skin types into 17 types and customizes them through skin analysis.

Take care of your small face while simultaneously making your skin smooth.

Care is included in all massage care.

to better absorb into the skin.

It’s a program that’s even relevant to reducing the size of your face

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