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You may be restricted from lending even when you are using the Credit Guarantee Fund.

When the internal economy becomes difficult, the first people who are affected are small business owners and small businesses. These days, even if you try to use a loan due to lack of funds to run a business, it is difficult to get a loan at a low interest rate due to the high threshold for loan screening. I have a loan that I want to tell small businesses and small businesses that are suffering from such difficulties. It’s a credit guarantee loan. Today, I will find out about the credit guarantee foundation loan qualifications and conditions and let you know the precautions.

The corporation established under the Local Credit Guarantee Foundation Act is the Credit Guarantee Foundation. The main task is to guarantee the credit of small businesses and small businesses, and to operate regional credit guarantee foundations for each central and metropolitan government of the Credit Guarantee Foundation. Please note that the agency is completely different from the credit guarantee agency with a similar name.

Credit Guarantee Foundation Loan Type
There are two major loans that are different from the Credit Guarantee Foundation: facility funds and driving funds. The types vary depending on which credit guarantee foundation uses the loan. To put it simply, the following are the things that you can obtain guarantees and loans from the Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation, the Korea Credit Guarantee Foundation, and the Gyeonggi Credit Guarantee Foundation.

Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation Loan Type

Disaster small and medium enterprise funds, start-up enterprise funds, economic revitalization funds (small business owners based in Seoul), emergency business funds (small business owners), etc.;

Type of loan from Gyeonggi Credit Guarantee 비대면 폰테크 Foundation

Support funds for micro enterprises (start-up funds, store rental deposits, etc.) strengthen competitiveness, start-up funds, etc. and operating funds (small and medium enterprises);

Credit Guarantee Foundation Central Association Warranty Types

Sunshine (business operator): Self-employed, agricultural, forestry and fisheries workers with conditions appropriate to sunlight;

General guarantee: Facility funds, operating funds, management improvement of micro enterprises, and start-up funds;

Special guarantee: Minimum wage management difficulties enterprises, enterprises with disabilities, senior start-ups, disaster small and medium enterprises, etc.;

Credit Guarantee Foundation Loan Eligibility

Business registration

First of all, you need a business license to get a loan from the Credit Guarantee Foundation. Then you need to find out the qualifications of the Credit Guarantee Foundation in the area where you registered as a business. For example, small business owners or small and medium-sized enterprises in Seoul will be eligible.


First of all, there are restaurant businesses, household goods wholesale businesses, food and beverage wholesale businesses, clothing and textile retail businesses, and hair beauty businesses. Most industries are eligible for qualification unless they are high-end restaurants, precious metals, golf courses, and entertainment establishments, etc.

tax payment performance

It also includes whether you have faithfully paid the tax while operating among the loan qualifications of the Credit Guarantee Foundation. Among the types of documents submitted to the Credit Guarantee Foundation, there is a certificate of local tax payment and a certificate of national tax payment, so you have to submit it after being issued by the Dong office and the tax office. (If the business is less than a year old, instead of sales evidence)

loan interest rates

It supports secondary conservation at bank interest rates. This secondary conservation means that the government will partially reduce bank interest rates. If you get a loan from Kookmin Bank with a guarantee letter from the Seoul Credit Guarantee Foundation and get a 4% interest rate, the government will provide 1.5% of it for you, and only the remaining 2.5% will be paid by small business owners.

Loan Limit

The limit is up to 100 million to 500 million won per company, especially in Seoul and Gyeonggi, but small business owners can think of it as 10 million won to 30 million won. Also, the limit changes depending on the size of the store or income, so please refer to this.

Loan Period

Please check your eligibility for loans from the Credit Guarantee Foundation and the credit guarantee foundation usually has a one to two-year grace period. In other words, you pay only interest for 1 to 2 years and pay interest and principal together for the rest of the year. You can choose between principal equal distribution repayment or maturity repayment, and you can choose a loan period up to five years.

Illegal broker

Recently, more and more illegal brokers are taking commissions from small business owners. If you approach small business owners who have difficulty in lending by manipulating documents and requesting huge amounts of money or fees, you should be careful.

Even if you use an illegal broker to take out a loan, you can collect the loan if caught, and in severe cases, you can face criminal punishment, so even if the loan is difficult, you should never take out a loan using an illegal broker.

Closed or closed;

You cannot apply for a loan from the Credit Guarantee Foundation if the loan application date is closed or closed. Also, the representative should not be subject to debt reconciliation or undergoing individual rehabilitation. In addition, the representative’s own house, workplace seizure, provisional disposition, and pressurization should not be encountered.

Is it duplicated with other loans?

If you have a history of overdue payments or have excessive expectations, you may be rejected by the Credit Guarantee Foundation. And if you are using the Credit Guarantee Fund, not the Credit Guarantee Foundation, you can also be restricted from lending.

There are various conditions as many types of loans. We will check the average credit guarantee foundation loan terms and qualifications covered by the regional credit guarantee foundation below.

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