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I regretted that I should have done it alone at home.

Hello, I’m Tosuni, who is enjoying life while going to Ulsan to get a massage. I used to think that age is a weapon, and why should I get a massage? After receiving the Ulsan Thai Massage, I understood why people want to get massage so much. It’s not only cool, but also mental stress is gone as my body’s fatigue disappears. It’s really hard to realize this effect before you experience it in personally. I thought my vivid reviews would be helpful for you, so I came to talk to you today.

I didn’t promise to go here from the beginning. I was worried when I first made up my mind because I didn’t even know the M of massage, but it wasn’t something that he usually enjoyed. At that time, my friend told me about the website called Gunma Banhada. Not only Ulsan, but from Seoul to Busan, even Jeju Island! In addition to the information on the massages scattered throughout each city, the companies were divided into the themes of Swedish, Gunma, and Single-person shops, so I could easily categorize them.

That’s why I chose this place, and I heard that it’s one of the best places to get wet massage as well as tie massage. The entrance looks like this. Not only does the door look luxurious, but it also feels better thanks to the subtle aroma that flowed through the cracks. ^^ In fact, I thought all the massage shops would be dark and dark before I visited, but the clear door and the bright atmosphere made the boundaries of Ulsan Taimasa Temple blurred.

Since the situation is in the situation, I was able to enter after not only checking my body temperature but also sterilizing my hands before entering. You have to take off the shoes you’ve been wearing in the shoe closet. It could be a bit of a hassle for you, 건마 but I felt good because it was for a clean environment. I went to the counter and checked the reservation and chose the menu. Even though I came to get a Thai massage, I was curious about other menus. I was surprised at a much cheaper price than I thought, but I guess this place is the cheapest in Ulsan.

Eventually, you’ll have to choose the original Thai massage and enter the dressing room! The changing clothes were neatly folded like this. I don’t know if you care a lot about the laundry, it smells good, and you don’t have any lint on your clothes.

After that, the foot bath is followed, and I felt better by dipping my feet in warm water. If I knew the foot bath in the aroma oil was this good, I would have done it alone at home.

And I finally came into the management office to receive Ulsan Thai massage. Not only was the bedding laundry neat, but I also fell asleep with a pleasant scent in the room, and it was fantastic with the teacher’s fantastic. It’s so nice. How can I not recommend it to you?

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