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A subtle blend of honey and vanilla

I opened Old Vine’s gift.

It smells really good and tastes really good.

I can’t even feel the joy of drinking cheap wine after drinking this wine.

There seems to be a constant comparison between fragrance and various aspects.

A few days ago, I received cheese and cheddar cheese that I ordered in bulk from the internet shopping mall.

Zalapino is the boss 풀싸롱 of Mart Traders.

Sardines’ shells are from Austria. You brought it.

Oh, crazy.

It’s almost time to come back from Austria.

Above all, I have been studying in the Philippines for more than a few months.

Why should I live like this, my youth?

Sometimes I get depressed like this.

Canada’s working holiday visa is still valid.

I’ve been extending it, but I don’t know when I can go.

I found Windsor Whiskey.

I couldn’t find it, but…

It’s been years, but you’re still fine, right?In the meantime,

I mixed it with the apple flavor of Demisoda.

It’s just a good drink.

I heard that there is an online tasting event for Kavalan, so I participated.

Two people applied, but one person won and participated together.

We are online anyway, so it doesn’t matter if you go with us.

The online tasting package is as follows:

It was so luxurious that I was surprised.

There’s a booklet.

Pairing is included as a pairing food.

Nuts, penguins, dark chocolate.

It looks okay in that way, but when I took it out, there was a broken glass.

So I heard that you got a drink early the next day. Golden Blue’s reaction was good, too.

Miniatures are luxurious.

It reminds me of Taipei 101 Building.

Pairing food was luxurious and each one was delicious.

Actually, I drank whiskey at an online tasting event.

Fungi-soo in the drawing room

I couldn’t buy it because I went to Taiwan, but I ate it this time.

It’s really good. It went really well with whiskey.

Have a quick glass of wine after work.

I joined Gambas, and Gambas made it in a hurry.

The answer to the surprise quiz was the quick one.

Cavalan whiskey for about an hour and a half.

Also, I learned how to drink whiskey in a luxurious way.

A delicious cavalan whiskey.

I wasn’t good at curling my hair, but I learned it properly this time.

I think I’ll really buy Cavalan whiskey.

I went to the mart and watched Ten Long Life Edition of Stella Artua.

The picture is so beautiful that I have to buy it.

I like the red sun. I like pine trees, cranes, and deer.

And according to rumors, he poured beer right away.

I can’t even travel these days.

This is how I enjoy drinking

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