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The Goldring you’ve shown me

I’ve been thinking about the fact that

You’re not gonna be able to travel

I can’t go out well, I can’t just stay home

You’ve been living almost.

I’ve been thinking about two months

It’s flowing.

But still, the number of confirmed workers

because of the overturning of 5-600


There’s still a risk of radio waves.

So when I was out of the house for a while

Most of them will wear masks.

But I’m gonna put on a mask for a long time

If you do, the skin trouble

it can occur

I’m gonna need to get a little more

You’d better do it.

in advance

It’s best if you manage it,

I’m gonna check the trouble

And then I was told

those who want to go in

A lot of you.

A pointed rash that’s secretly bothering me.

But I’m not sure I’m gonna let you

I’m not gonna let it go

It takes a long time, and it gets rid of it quickly

If you force it to squeeze or touch it

it can backfire

The careful approach

That would be great.

Seasons that are easy to dry!

Because of the mask I wear every day

If there was a rash on the skin,

If you’re not wet enough to get upset,

bright and transparent skin

If you want, I’ll be able to find

soundbody sound skins with reasons

Please visit Bucheon Sangdo.

I’m not gonna let you take care of this place

I can’t help but notice

It’s hard to hang up because I can see it!

You’re a lot of people.

I’ve been through it myself

He just wanted to keep on getting it.

I don’t have to invest anything else, but I’m not gonna

I don’t spare it.

I’m not gonna give the others

It plays a big role in planting.

This place is always a place to go,

You can do your best to manage it

There’s nothing more to say about being kind.

What I like best is actually the cost part!

It’s a very burdensome amount

I’m avoiding it.

It’s caustic, and it’s good for the product

It’s a famous place to use

I’ve been feeling a little nervous about Corona

There was a little, but there was a lot of anti-virus

I’ll have to clean up the area

You’re doing the right thing

and a blanket or a towel

I’m doing regular cleaning

color and design are periodically

It’s changing.

while under management


It’s a very reliable place.

I was in the shop of Sangdong Massage in Bucheon

Good caustic rain and manage properly

I don’t think I’ll give you any more.

You have to make a reservation,

It’s a high-profile place

If you don’t book in advance, you’ll be able to

It’s hard to get a handle on

I hope you check it

It’s famous for its Bucheon Sangdong Massage Shop,

They are very dominant in position.

public transportation, self-car use

all use comfortably

It’s possible.

There’s a parking lot, so don’t worry

You can pull the car out.

I’m not sure what kind of care you’re gonna get

I was 수원건마 worried a lot.

I’ve been consulting the director

status, what effect do you want, etc.

meticulously consulted and decided

The official is Goldring Care.

a well-known source

No questions or questions!

the interior as well as the cleanness

I like it, so I’m not gonna be able to

wanting to stay

Soundbody sound skin.

It’s a chain store, and there’s another branch, too

If this place is far from here, another branch

I’ll search and go there

Effective! Caustic rain!

Beige contour reduction, aroma body management,

Goldring Body Management, Special Gold Package

I’m going to tell you that I’m going to be

I can not get greedy!

I don’t know, I’m not sure

Unlike the Sangdong Massage Shop in Bucheon

That’s a good price!

If you’re having a discount event like this!

in addition, it is inevitable

I’m interested in skin, so I’m more interested in skin

I’m more invested, so I’m more expensive

I’m so happy to find a good shop.

Both Faith and Telegraph Management

I’m gonna take it and I’m gonna go

I chose it!

The decision on what care to take

If it is, where to go first!

It’s the dressing room.

in every space, it’s a very neat

That’s good!

I think it’s more and more

I saw things you cared about all over the place.

This is the dressing room!

Inside, we’re in the shower together

After the management, cool in the shower

You can shower.

You can wash your hands in the sink

all the basic supplies are ready

It’s easy to use

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