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not only bag, but also wallet belt, shoes, etc

I just wanted to buy my husband’s sweatshirt

I went to Daejeon Premium Outlet!

I’m close to home, so I go there a lot

It’s great because it’s big and there’s so much to see!

Today, we’re shopping at outlets, and we’re doing luxury

I’ll try the review of the wine shop!
Shopping at Daejeon Hyundai Premium Outlet

The Daejeon Hyundai Outlet has a very large parking lot

You don’t have to worry about parking!

I had quite a spot on the weekends, too
As soon as I got on the first floor

I looked for the sportswear side

On the second floor, there’s Pilar, Adidas, Under Armour

On the third floor, there is a restaurant and a wine shop!

There are also luxury shops such as Prada and Saint Laurent on the first floor
on the way to the second floor

It’s a pop-up store for your kids’ clothes

There are so many cute baby clothes

If you present it or have a baby later

I wanted to shop here
I’m gonna need you to find a way

It’s a Daejeon Hyundai Outlet from the View

It was really big and it was good
Adidas Newera, etc., on the second floor

There are many sportswear brands

I’m going around and I’m going to go

I’ve been looking for you! I’ve been selling a lot

Under Armor, my husband’s favorite

Let’s go and watch

Under Armour, Mark looks so pretty!

I was shopping around a lot of places, and I was in the Pillar

I got a pretty sweat suit
My husband had a piece

The apostle is a meticulous watcher

I’ve had a hard time shopping together

I’m not sure you’re gonna be able to

It’s so nice to have a park!

The kids looked good to play, too

I’m trying to change the house

He stopped by the Tefal store on the third floor!

I’m on sale, so I’m going to pay a good price

I bought a neat wok!

On the third floor, you’ll find a way to

There’s a kitchen shop

When you need something

I’m going to buy it at Daejeon Hyundai Outlet!

There’s a lot of stuff

I’m walking through the Tefal store

I’ve got a connection to the restaurant

I’m sure my couple’s favorite wine shop

I was there!

In Sejong, there’s a wine outside the mart

The type of unpalaginous was limited

There’s a lot of good wine here

I often hear it when I need home party wine!

from the expensive wine and wine

There are many kinds of wines that are caustic

He had fun picking!

And I’m sure you’ll be able to

They also sell briquettes and ricotta cheeses!

Sejong Sashi has been able to make

If you find it, it is recommended to Daejeon Hyundai Outlet Wine Shop!
There’s a food zone next to the wine shop

There are many restaurants

I think it’s good to pick it up!

We were shopping too, and I was hungry

I ordered a set menu at the Chai 797
A restaurant on the third floor of the Hyundai Outlet

Chai 797 Chinese restaurant!

partition is installed at seat

I’m relieved of the situation these days!

It was a great atmosphere
We ordered jjajangmyeon, chanpon, sweet and sour pork

A set!

It was a perfect set for you two to eat

Jajangmyeon was filled with seafood such as shrimp

Champon has a lot of meat

It was my style

The soup was delicious!

The sweet and sour pork is the soup to the head ~

It was more honeyy because I ate it!
I’m gonna fill my stomach

I was on my way down to the second floor to shop again

I saw a pretty bend!

I liked to collect books, so I heard them:)

Not only books, but also pretty phrases and props

He was selling it!

The inside is so beautifully decorated!

I’m gonna sit around and read

There’s space, too. I’m shopping and I stop by

I thought I could take a break

My childhood dream, Sailor, is a complete edition

I bought a new book

And in the table space inside

I sat down for a while and read it!

People at the table reading books

There’s a lot of silver! And

I thought I could read without buying a book!
I heard it at the end of the shopping

It’s a luxury editing shop factory bash!

Burberry, Gucci, Valencia, Ferragamo, etc.

It’s an editorial shop with a 레플리카 collection of luxury goods!

the various luxury goodses can be seen at a time

It’s a favorite place
The interior is not that big

in a low-pressure mood

It’s so nice to have a nice look!

not only bag, but also wallet belt, shoes, etc

There’s also accessories
I thought you were pretty

Burberry bags and Valentino bags

I’ve heard of it once!

I thought it was more beautiful

I’ll have to give my husband a chance when it comes to his birthday
Daejeon Premium Outlets are big

I love having a lot of things to see!

And I think I will visit it often because I am close to Sejong!

The weather is clear and spring is coming

Go to the Spring Clothing Shopping Hyundai Outlet

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