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This house, which was a general family house that showed the characteristics of old buildings, harmonized Korean sentiment with Northern European culture.

At the end of the year, I propose five special stays that will approach those who missed full rest and rest like warm consolation.
the consequences of nature
Time of healing together, Waon.
Therapy house provides a complete rest time with tea and bath bombs based on the theme of mishaeng.
A panoramic view of the Comfort House, which was designed with the old rafters intact.
The old Jeju stone house, the entrance to the alley with old grass and private houses, and the old Jeju stone house have been transformed into accommodation under the theme of “Jeju’s Warmth.” As the name suggests, “Nuul Wa” and “Warm On,” this place is designed to stay for a gentle ceremony. When you open the gate, the herb garden, which emits a gentle scent, welcomes you first.
Passing through the garden and entering the room of Waon, you will encounter the Greeting House where you can feel Jeju’s warm welcome. For a truly restful experience, it delicately designed an environment that encompasses space such as materials, colors, lighting and temperature, scent and music.
It is designed to provide healing experiences by designing a total of three spaces: a greeting house, a bedroom and a living room, a comfort house with a small bathtub and backyard, and a terrappy house with a low hot bath, dry sauna and a therapy room. The comfort house is equipped with a bed, kitchen, living room, and bathroom in an open structure.
The bathroom of the Comfort House, where the natural texture of the old stone wall house remains intact.
The therapy house has a unique atmosphere of stone walls, with its low-designed bathtub at the center.
Furniture and lighting in a neutral-toned palette that combines the preserved old rafters lead to new experiences. Each room has iot the illumination of the entire space and temperature, blinds and curtains to technology magic glass has to work with the speaker, ai to control by voice can be more convenient.We can stay. The therapy house, a space where the concept of healing is realized at its peak, has restored two stone houses in Jeju and completed it in a unique way with traces of the unique residential culture of the candle house.
With five themes, tea and bath bombs can be prepared to enjoy the optimal spa depending on the guest’s condition. Along with the landscaping seen out the window, let’s slowly soak in the quiet bathtub space, which seems to be surrounded by nature, along with soil, which is a sharp and rugged texture of nature, and rocks and trees. If you are enjoying a warm bath and sauna filled with warmth while warming up in a cup of warm tea, a time of gentle healing will come true.
Props that reveal the nature of nature beautifully decorate the monotonous wall.

with a warm glow
Worthwhile rest, “Warm Painter.”
A panoramic view of the living room. It is a space where the distinction between inside and outside is blurred thanks to the connection of the deck.
A 50-year-old old building with light and warm energy. The mysterious and mysterious atmosphere emitted from this place soon became the main factor in determining the concept of the artist. The intense orange roof was replaced with a bright warm tone to match the exterior wall color, and the interior was finished with a plain white and wood color palette.
The black-colored lights and objets matched here serve as the point of space. It boldly uses achromatic props to create an impact while being organized. Onhwaga is a “c”-shaped structure commonly found in old Korean houses. The old red brick tile, matched to a round wall added for external insulation, left the traces of time in the house as much as possible.
Bedroom space where ideas with window effects stand out through small gaps.
The living room, which is filled with sunlight around the old trees in the front yard, is decorated to enjoy the charm of space without distinction between inside and outside. A small deck in the living room, which seems to be connected to a wide deck outside, shows this well. The bedroom faces the living room in a straight line. As a result, the morning sun and the greenness of the yard are delivered to the bedroom. Although the bedroom is too close to open a window due to the building behind it, it is complete with fresh space by placing plants and lighting in a small space between the back walls and making opaque windows into a frame-like elevation objects. The subbedroom and multi-room evokes memories of the attic.
Bang & Olufsen’s speakers were placed in a dining room connected to a small living room.
Designed a little closer to the ceiling by raising the floor, I hoped it would be a friendly space where I could read books, drink tea, watch movies or talk all night long. The ample bathroom space was boldly removed from the bathtub and emphasized the empty space. The dining space takes into account the illumination of natural lighting as much as possible, and the design of light using indirect lights and pendant lights gives both day and night coziness.
The exterior toilet and warehouse building, which used to occupy one side of the yard, left behind a roof and removed only some walls to make it a shelter-like Pagora space. It is a place where you can relax while enjoying the landscape of the yard. The behind-the-scenes story of the host, who said that even the crooked stairs on the roof of the outside bathroom were lovely at the time of the design, enjoyed looking around the flowerpot and the headstone until the end, is a friendly gentle story.

Meeting in Seoul
Small helshing ‘Tallo Seoul’
A living room decorated like an archive zone using posters and books.
Bedrooms and workspaces completed in wood and achromatic colors, key colors of Nordic design.
As if to magically move the Alba Alto House in Helsinki, Talo Seoul entered a quiet alley located inside Garosu-gil. Completed by remodeling a 30-year-old villa, this place offers a glimpse of the reasonable and practical lifestyle of Northern Europe while feeling the design of Alba Alto.
Similar to Finland’s environmental characteristics, which are short-lived due to the lack of sunlight due to the structure of the house, it proposes a new way of life as well as a design experience for Alba Alto. This house, which was a general family house that showed the characteristics of Korea’s old architecture, harmonized Korean sentiment with Northern European culture.
A panoramic view of Alba Alto’s living room with his Iconic design furniture and lighting.
Reflecting Northern Europe’s unique practical and cumbersome lifestyle, the arrangement of furniture and props that realize minimalism, and the space that suits each other, are no longer cozy and comfortable. Northern Europe, which has many short days, uses lighting by carefully considering the proper lighting for indoor life. With reference to this Northern European culture, the unique warm and peaceful atmosphere was completed by paying special attention to the lighting interior. Different spaces with low floors and priority on practicality create a different feeling.
The showroom, prepared separately from the room, will be operated in the form of a one-day pop-up showroom for one person in collaboration with various brands at home and abroad that go well with the concept of space. It is intended to provide a special experience where you can directly use and experience design products in a limited space and feel the breath of the brand. It reflects the philosophy of Talo Seoul, which hopes to draw sympathy through valuable experiences while staying in this space.

It’s the beauty of the structure.
Extraordinary space, ‘horizontal house’
Wouldn’t it be possible to project human life through the scenery and light of a house built under the ground? The concrete wall embraces life and warm light through the niche roof surfaces. Rather than confronting the rough sea and wind, it is a collection of horizons that shows the willingness of humility to permeate into the ground and lower oneself and look at them wonderfully. Respecting its unique topography and vegetation, the modified part was healed to create a niche using the restored topography. The gap is just an architectural proposal that gives peace and rest to passing neighbors and makes nature’s horizon and surroundings stand out. Like this, the proposal of architecture, which partially cuts the ground, sits low, and permeates along the complex elevations of the land, becomes closer to communication with nature through the gaps. The shape of the land here is not only complicated with the surrounding landscape and the roadway, but also the programs in terms of usage are quite complicated. Unlike this structure, the interior of the room is simple.
Considering the guest’s position, carefully selected furniture and props seem to be nothing special, 스카이어닝 but they are excellent assistants who complete the special time. Bedding that covers the body in a rustling mood, speakers for music listening time, and amenity of natural ingredients. The rest area designed with a simple double-layered structure is also unique. The double-decker space, which seems to be floating in the air as opposed to the architectural structure permeated into the ground, is a form that overlooks the sea, enjoying the beauty of the ironic structure and communicating with nature. The unique beauty of the land, the simple geometric lines met, and the space design made up of the cracks are deeply pleasing. The best place to look around is this place, Jipyeongjip, where the ease and simplicity of looking around are realized.

The cracks created intentionally to keep nature’s vegetation intact give us the pleasure of looking at them as if they were an installation art piece.
The aesthetic of emptiness, the ocean’s handing it over.
“Karuna, warm comfort.”
Anyone can come in and relax. Walk like a walk through a local alley.
A building where you can go back and forth on the beach. Simply Architecture
Not the water, but the house with the heart of designing a place.
Karuna is a Sanskrit word for mercy.
C. The host wants this place to be a place of comfort and healing.
Respect for the natural environment and the endemic climate of this area.
I hoped to realize. Karuna’s land is a village.
They used it as a shortcut between the beach and the back alley.
It was land. The wooden lab of the building that built this place was the diameter.
The role of the vacant lot in the street deteriorates after the building is built.
It was designed to be reconstructed into public corridors so that it would not work.
On the first floor, like a public corridor running through the building,
We’ve set up a common place. The cafe drinks coffee and music.
It’s a guest-only public kitchen.
Lehada, the higher you go up, the more likely you’ll find yourself facing a private space.
You can. The second and third floors are for guests. 4 and 5.
A penthouse on the floor is the host’s space. Close to the ground
The more public they are, the higher they go upstairs, the more personal they’ll be.
Hybrid-type buildings with a private area.
It can be said that.

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