(Just one moment)

a bar restaurant where celebrities come and go

a bar restaurant I’ve been to a while

My neighborhood

And my friends are as good as I am

He’s a 셔츠룸 frequent guest!

I’m just going to do a drama shoot.

Turns out that we’ve seen

A live-in shoot.

The drama cast

Jang Gi-yong, come out with a theory

I’m not sure if you’re gonna be able to

It was located nearby

I could park it, too

as clean as the local commercial area

The bathroom was also the best for cleanliness

The store is also very large

an atmosphere that younger generations would like

a neat, shiny

it looks like it’s polished

a retro sensation

I sat at the table without thinking

The boss brought me the register

I’ll ask you to write it!

all in one piece

I can’t avoid it because I’m taking care of it

For now, the price of alcohol is good for Seoul

I wanted to order it small

They filled the table

even for the convenience of the guests

a recusal of scroll tissue

I thought it was not going to be useful

Is it a red spice?

I don’t know, I keep wiping my mouth

These days, we have to go to a vacation bar

I’m gonna go through all the rice and alcohol

I prefer it, but this was the best place

I’m not gonna let you know that there’s a whole bone!

I can see the steamed red pepper oil stock

The top is full of fragrant sesame leaves

using domestic pork

I’m gonna go fry the whistle-like 100 percent

the out vacation dong restaurant

And literally, the veggies

It’s good to eat together when it’s in it

When you eat spicy food

Eggs seem to be a necessity

The charges are a good salty liver

I don’t have any puffs, so I’m free to go in

in the bar atmosphere of the vacation station

a greedy order from the start

It was meant to run on a wheat

The lineups show that you can’t be full soon

I want to change it to soju again!

the exchange is just a quick turn

I’m gonna buy you a google

I wish I could have.

When will the alternative solo life be settled?

I’m just like a side table

You come alone

I want to eat it with a good taste

Wet tissues and paper cups are used to make

the vacation station hot place which it could use as much as it likes

I’m roasted on a steel plate, but I’m not sure

Stirred in charcoal among the vegetables?

It’s a big hit to spread like a fire!

And the giblets are chewy

be soft without being tired

It’s in the middle of the day

chew and swallow and be busy

I ordered a giblet bone as a wine

Banghak-dong Restaurant, which was also essential for the traditional style

A clean, oilless soup.

I already have a chance to get

I think I’ve got it all rolled out


There were so many times

Personally, I’m not gonna be able to

Chicks like this texture!

But if you don’t get it right

It’s disgusting to catch you

In the hot place of vacation station, the iron plate window

I don’t know if it’s just domestic meat

be in a pile

The Squids are good

I’m gonna dump it in mayonnaise

The places you give are delicious, but if you eat, you will be bitten

But this place is just like a fried iron plate

Bake like it’s melted in butter

sezel flavor for mozzarella cheese

If you’re curious about the taste

You’ll see if you eat

I eat conches, and I’m a cheese holic

In the middle of the vacation dong giblet, the cheese addition

I asked if it was possible, and it was possible

You brought me a dish

Poured and torched to the fire

not a soft-burning with gas

It was amazing to bake it on the spot

A limp tooth!

be the height of a complaint

The spice itself is sore

The cheese is the only thing

Not bland, just fine

I was eating, and I was just

There was a young couple

Huh?! I’m not gonna be able

I thought she had something to eat!

I thought about it and there was steamed eggs

I’m so happy to eat that and rice!

I’m looking at that part

I wanted to come together with the store clean

And the parents who raise babies

I’m staying home every day, and I’m gonna heal

I want to eat something I want to eat and I have to buy it.

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