(Just one moment)

The rooms are all private, so I feel very private

I’m working overtime and more

I’m sick of everything

I’ve always seen it because I’m tired

My friend was worried

I want to ease myself, but what should I do?

I don’t know if I can do that

I’m just saying I’m getting a massage.

He asked me how I felt

It’s not special these days

for body management and fatigue recovery

Just because there are a lot of people getting massages

I was thinking about taking it, too

So I checked the Dongtan massage

Many people are well received and have a good reputation

It is the widest, most pleasant place

There was a good place

When you enter the store, you wear slippers first

In order to change and it wears the shoes cabinet prepares

I changed my shoes and went inside

Red was for women and blue was for women

It was for the men, but I want to check it out.

I wish I could wear it!

Of course, it is a big, fun ride

He said it was a famous place, and he went into the store

It was really wide and very neat to go in.

I felt a lot of joy

Especially because I’m worried about Corona

It’s a safe disinfectant in Corona

it is relieved and massage can be received without worry

I think it was better because I was there.

It’s so clean and pleasant

I don’t know if there are many families and couples.

It is a place to visit

The Dongtan massage I visited was run by the company

From 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., year-round

He said he was running it

I do business every day without rest

I was glad to be able to visit you anytime

The reservation system was operating

I have little to do with anyone else

I arrived and looked around for a moment before looking at the menu.

I saw that flat votes are more expensive than the average price

A much cheaper and additional event menu

They said it was available

considerably, it can use as the affordable price

I decided to use it as a ticket

I’m so puzzled these days, but I’m not

I thought it was good to be available at a price

cash or account transfer

If you pay, you will get extra income

I’m sure you want to 수원건마 mention it

The Dongtan Massage is waiting

And a teacup on one side for tea to drink.

too cozy

I felt it!

And if you go inside, the dressing room

I was there, but the locker key was the shoebox key.

Same thing!

So we’re gonna check the shoebox

I’m gonna use the key to the men’s shoebox

If you write it, it should never open

I went into the dressing room and found a shower room.

It was in place

the article which is simple the skin care

I think it was so good to have you

Maybe he’ll get a massage and have an appointment

There’s a shower room and a powder room

I’ll put it back together and make it.

I thought I could attend

change clothes in the dressing room

I’ll take a foot bath

We will have to get service for about 10 minutes.


with a lavender-like footbath

lavender flavor brush

It was so nice to be up there

My feet are warm and smell good

It’s too bad to sit still

It’s getting better!

I was always cold in my feet

Heat your feet with a foot spa

I was so happy, and if I was tired of my feet

I feel like I’m getting tired.

Footroom, footroom, car

I could have had a drink, but I really came to heaven.

I felt the same way
I was so happy to sleep, and I was
Indoors, wood, light.
I feel more comfortable because I’m under it
I think he was comfortable
You can play a quiet song
The atmosphere is quiet, so you can feel your mind and body
It seemed to calm down

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