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I think I will visit you often if I have a chance.

on the last day of the Lunar New Year holiday

I met a friend who lives nearby.

They both came out sick of the house.

But when I came out, there was nothing to do, nowhere to go.

I was thinking about it in the car.

My friend used to go around.

I heard there’s a Dongtan massage shop.

He drove over there.

Behind the 119 Center in Dongtan North Square,

It was on the 3rd floor of Nonghyup building.

It happened to be near there, so I moved quickly.

I heard that the Dongtan Massage store here is open during the Lunar New Year holidays.

I was worried that there would be a lot of people.

I had to wait a little bit.

If I had known it was a popular place,

I regretted that I should have come earlier.

My friend has already been there many times.

If you get a two-man full body care,

a good price of 50,000 won

I believe in internet reviews.

I’m going to wait a little bit and get some care.

It’s the last day of the holiday, so the parking lot outside is full.

I parked comfortably in the parking lot of the building.

Just because you’re giving me a parking ticket here,

I parked comfortably.

I was a little worried that the building looked old.

The interior of the store is neatly remodeled.

I liked the neat interior.

I saw the product used here.

They are products that I’ve heard often because they’really.

I was thinking about buying them, too.

The head of this place is in use it.

I felt like I was gaining credibility.

Let’s wait a little while. The director’s out.

Basic care courses, time, etc.

You told me.

We’re going to spend 50,000 won together.

I decided to take a full-body course.

Not foreign, but Korean.

The director will take care of it himself.

I was more relieved.

Dongtan Massage Shop Foot & Foot

It’s the oldest place in town.

The director told me.

Based on the skills and experience you can trust me.

The director, armed with kindness,

Since you run it yourself, you can trust it more.

In the other shop, there’s a basket.

There were a lot of places to keep the goods.

That’s why sometimes you get care.

I felt uneasy.

There’s a keyed locker here.

I was able to take care of it with confidence.

Simple yet luxurious

I also liked the interior design.

All over the place.

It feels like it makes the air clean.

So before I get any care,

I felt like I was already calm.

In the dressing room, there’s a private closet,

I had a change of clothes ready.

The material of the clothes was soft and comfortable.

I’d rather wear top and bottom clothes than gowns.

I like it more.

Gowns could happen.

There’s a lot to care about.

But here’s a separate top and bottom.

I liked it.

We’ve got plenty of clothes on hand.

I thought everyone could wear it comfortably.

You can choose the scent before you start taking care of it.

I chose lilac.

the subtle scent of flowers

at warm water temperatures

I felt like I was getting rid of my fatigue.

My friend used a rose.

There’s a sweet smell coming up.

I heard it makes you feel better.

He gave me a cup of tea because I’m taking a foot bath.

I didn’t ask what kind of car it was.

I liked it because it tasted sweet.

My feet are warm and warm.

The warmth passed through my body.

For the full-fledged maintenance after the foot bath,

I moved to the room inside.

The lights aren’t too bright. They’re so subtle.

It felt cozy and cozy.

It’s private, so it’s more comfortable.

I think I was able to get it.

copper-coated massage

You have a long experience and skills.

He’s got a lot of regular customers.

I heard that family guests visit often.

That’s why people around me are introducing me to you.

I heard a lot of people are coming.

My friend and I were taken care of in a double room.

The bed was good 짭까사이 and the towels and pillows were clean.

Cleanliness is the most important thing these days.

I can take care of it without worrying about it.

I think it was better.

You’ll focus on managing the clumps.

You’re being so kind.

The stress I had during the holidays…

It felt like it was loosening at once.

After maintenance, you can use the warmer.

You warmed up your body.

I was so comfortable that I almost fell asleep.

I usually cover my bed a lot,

My body’s getting stiff.

I fell asleep on my own.

Thanks to you, I went home and slept well.

I’m a dry eater, so I don’t worry about getting wet.

I was able to have a relaxing time.

I feel much more comfortable in my body and mind.

I could have come out.

I parked my car in the parking lot when I left.

I told you, they gave me a parking ticket.

Depending on the course you’ve been given, you’ll be on time.

It seemed like they were giving me a parking ticket.

As for me driving to and from work,

I can visit you right after work.

I think it’s good.

Even though it’s the Dongtan Massage holiday.

It’s been a while since I’ve had a good whole body.

It was such a satisfying day.

I think I will visit you often if I have a chance.

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