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one of the brands representing the name

Originally a movement manufacturer, he was recognized as a world-class manufacturer

I got it, and I’m still in the middle of it

Among them, I’m sure you’re going to be able to

There are many maniacs.

So Yeager’s watches are more important than any brand

The performance of the movement is unrivaled

I have a very unusual feeling.

Over time, Yeager went one step further from here

of course it expresses the sophisticated and delicate design

The perfection of the finishing makes the mind of the watch enthusiasts

I’ve already got him.

a culmination of Yeager’s technology

A typical example is that it is not different

It’s a super-thin dress watch.

So, the master ultra-scene model

I’m still enjoying the popularity.

Now, we’re going to need to find

I have a lot of it, so I have a lot of

I can say that I am receiving constant attention.

We’re in a good condition together

I can look at it more meaningfully.

And it’s a step further from the technology

I’m under the title Ultrascene Moon.

If you want this lineup, please contact me

It’s going to be one of the best ways

I’m going to tell you that the key function of the clock

What is reflected is quite impressive Moonface

with the composite composite model as model

The significance of minimizing the thickness at the same time

It’s so big that it can add real meaning.

A clock that requires complex technology must be thick

The title of masterpiece that broke the common wisdom that there is no

It’s a very good model.

Inverse Triangular Design of Strictly Angle Index

What can come nicely is these line-ups

And that’s what only a luxury watch can have

You can highlight it.

And I’m gonna need a 925 caliber dresswatch

the part etc. the durability is strengthened is too much

It’s making the 레플리카 expectation real

The door face function and the blade window of 6 o’clock direction are different

The true nature of men who have succeeded in coming

I think it’s the perfect structure to make the romance happen.

39mm size, so I’m going to have to

I show you that this size is good

among the ideal models for those who wear them

One thing.

The one that’s been considered a disadvantage of mechanical clocks

developed to reduce the effects of existing gravity

Complication and so on are made up of various components

The clock on the wall only received gravity in one direction

To counter this, we have to use the Turbion balance

Based on the history of using it as an axis

the part that makes the new technology stand out

It exists and is more unusual.

from the wall-mounted clock to the congregational clock and wristwatch

Evolving and Turbion also developing one step further

It’s a new look

Yeager Le Cultre’s gyroturbion and others

Complication to be noted in this regard

I think it’s one of them.

It’s also called the three-dimensional Turbion Watch

This watch is also present, so there is already a

I prefer a variety of things

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