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I thought it’d be better to get it consistently.

I feel like the weather is fickle.
It’s dry, it’s humid, then it’s done over and over again.
I felt like I wasn’t feeling well.
I’ve been feeling a lot of fatigue lately.
I went to get some healing to relieve stress.

It’s a place my friends told me to go.
I’ve never been there under the pretext of being busy.
I’m going to Keywell, Songdo Massage Shop.

It’s close to the location.
In front of the 강남피쉬안마 Coast Guard bus stop near my house.
It was on the sixth floor of the Twosome building.

The interior you can see as soon as you go in is so beautiful.
I loved it to the point where I was mesmerized.
There are cute props all over the place.
Overall, the antique atmosphere gives me a cozy feeling.

I made a reservation, so I don’t know if the waiting time is that long.
I didn’t, but I didn’t feel like I came earlier on purposely.
The first place I’ve ever been is early.
I wanted to have some fun watching.

As soon as we get in here, we’ll hand sanitize, heat check, and check in QR.
Your meticulousness disappeared my anxiety disappeared.

The cost was good, and as my friends told me,
I was happy because the staff members were so kind.
You smile and guide me, and I ask you,
They explained everything in detail.
The cost-effectiveness is one of the Songdo Massage Shops I’ve been looking for.
He was the nicest and the nicest.

The atmosphere is warm and stable.
I was a little nervous while I was waiting.
It felt like it was getting loose little by the way.

I’ll talk to you about what I’m thinking about.
I filled out a survey to check the status.
And you helped me with that.
You answered my questions kindly 🙂

Just as different people have different concerns.
Even if you choose the same body course,
They say it’s different which part to focus on more on.

It turns out that Songdo Massage Shop here is a wedding or something.
Pre-prenatal care, etc., tailored to customers.
The programs are more diverse than I thought.
Among them, I liked D-stone.
We also talked about it while taking the body course.

There are air purifiers all over the place.
Perhaps, the indoor air was very pleasant.
Not only that, but there was no dust everywhere.
I noticed that you often pay a lot of attention to hygiene.
Plus, the couch, the handle, whatever the situation is.
They say you’ll be more careful about disinfection.
Thanks to that, I was able to use it with more confidence.

I looked inside while I was heading into the fitting room.
The interior was really pretty.
It’s just lighting and interior accessories.
I thought it could feel warm.

The fitting room also has traces of use by someone before.
It was so neat that I couldn’t feel it.

After you’ve finished taking care of everything in the store,
You can buy what you want separately.
You can choose what you want to use.
I felt like I was getting a full service.

Songdo Massage is basically a one-on-one care.
If you’re a multi-person visitor, depending on the circumstances you want.
I heard that I could be separated and treated.
It’s a one-on-one structure that fits the current situation.
The rooms are very private.
I liked the fact that I didn’t have to contact other people.

The bed’s warm enough.
I’m lying down in my gown, and it’s not cold at all.
It wasn’t hot, it was set to the right temperature.
As soon as I lay down, the bed was so cozy and warm that I liked it.
I felt like my fatigue was relieved.

In the case of the D-Stone I got, it’s a warm stone.
It’s a way to take care of your whole body.
I didn’t know how to do it, but when I got it,
With your technique, everything that’s incidentalong with your technique.
I could feel that you were paying a lot of attention.

It’s amazing to see Stone in person, but it’s not like people get it.
It was so cool that I thought Stone Management was like this.
Stone used through a select process.
We apply it differently for different body parts.
They did everything that was stuck together and worried about it.

It was so cool the whole time I got the Songdo massage.
You’re right about everything I’m uncomfortable with.
So that I don’t wonder or fear.
They explained how it goes.

You’re going to be home in some way.
He explained to me one by one if I should take care of it.
I’ve learned all the information I’ve never known before.
I was able to get some small tips.

I’m really trying to do it alone at home.
Compared to the professional touch here,
I even thought it was nothing.

I got a face after all the body care.
After cleansing, exfoliate.
It hydrates my face, so my face is much lighter.
It felt moist.

I touched your face on the way home.
It was so moist and soft that I felt good.
I could feel the reflection in the mirror changed.

I feel much more comfortable, and I feel more comfortable with my face.
I felt like I changed yesterday and today.
In the future, I’ll take some time to do this.
I thought I’d pick it up whenever I had time.
I don’t usually take care of myself under the pretext of being busy.
But now that I’ve received all these delicate touches,
I thought it’d be better to get it consistently.

Maybe you’ve been off care for a while like me.
For those of you who want to change your usual place,
I’d like to introduce you to Songdo Massage Keywell!
The quarantine rules are being followed according to the current circumstances.
Your skills are really reliable, so you can go there.

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