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The male lead keeps following the female lead.

Netflix movie “Super Me,” which is full of Chinese sensibilities, was not bad for killing time, but it was a classic nostalgic movie because it was so full of neo-fiction and cliche. CG was great, and it’s vicarious satisfaction and entertainment. As I just said, I think it was good for killing time.

Get rich from a loser.

  • Genres: Fantasy, adventure, action.
  • 2021, China
  • Running time: 103 minutes
    [Story] Nam Joo-in, a scriptwriter with no proper punishment and debt, suffers from insomnia every day so that she 웹하드순위 doesn’t know when she sleeps properly. To make matters worse, the street vendor, who always visited me, advises me to shout “This is a dream!” if I want to wake up from my dream when I lose my house and try to die because I don’t have the energy to live anymore. Nam Joo has to lose money to shout, “This is a dream!” in her dream, and she really makes sure she wakes up from it. But… when he learns of the incredible superpowers that the objects he holds in his dreams are transmitted to reality and that they are sold at high prices, he is no longer a nightmare, but a “money.”

    It’s a material that many people use. A loser who has no proper skills, no confidence, no self-esteem, gets an amazing ability or opportunity to turn his life around. But… this common material is… It’s always thrilling. I think it’s because of vicarious satisfaction.

    It was a bit ridiculous to sell weapons or treasures that I brought from my dream too simply, but the movie was a movie and the overall atmosphere of the movie was very entertaining. But… the twist… There were so many twists and turns, and I thought it was an entertainment movie, but it didn’t seem to be an entertainment movie.

    There are so many twists and turns.
    ※CAUTION! Spoiler including ending
    I put a lot of twists in it so it’s not probable. No, the probability is yes, but it was a bit ridiculous. I started laughing while watching it. I don’t know which part to play. I was at a loss. I think I tried to put too much into this movie. I think that’s how much you’ve been thinking about the masterpiece. I think I was a little greedy.

    It would have been a more interesting movie if it had been maintained as it was in the beginning and the middle of the story. Maybe because it’s a continental movie, I wasn’t satisfied with the proper amount and wanted a masterpiece.

  • Director: Jangchung
  • Cast: Wang Daeryuk, Songa, Cho Byung-gon, Ma Jung-moo, Non-smoking Decree
  • Admission rating: 15-year-old admission price
    At first, there are scenes where the main character gets counseling and listens to lectures due to insomnia. There are some lines that come out here, and there are lines that are blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. That logic? Philosophy? I think that’s the basis.

    The main character uses some kind of signal in his dream, which was taught by a street vendor. If you type it as Inception, it’s like a totem. Looks like Supermi borrowed a little bit of Inception and Interstellar.

    Anyway, after learning how to wake up from that dream, fear gradually disappears and even brings the things in the dream into reality, so it is no longer considered a nightmare but an opportunity to turn around in life.

    I keep dreaming without knowing what the price is. The price was ‘his own life’, and if you look at it, the main character turns into a monster. It seems to satirize not living life properly but gradually turning into a monster under the temptation of wealth.

    The message the movie is trying to convey is very instructive and full of clichés. At the end of the day, it’s not about money, it’s about the willingness to do it, it’s about the mental part, and it’s not all about life. Well, that’s a common message.

    The main character gained superpowers and gradually started to beat the monster in his dream when he was sitting in front of the convenience store. After a series of incidents, he finally returns to the bench in front of the convenience store. It’s called “Atlqk Dream” here, and it’s worth watching.

    But did anyone feel the need to give it a try because it was a predictable category? I conclude that superpowers not only had the male lead, but also the street vendor.

    The main character thinks everything was a dream, realizes that the important thing in life is not money, and lives hard, but when he sees the existence of a bundle of money he secretly gave to a street vendor, he realizes that it has not been a dream.

    The main character becomes a mental crispy fried chicken, and the background changes into an unknown space that I saw in my dream, and the movie ends.

    In other words, everything that happened to the main character was real, and it didn’t come out specifically why the main character had such power.

    In short, it ended without persuading me, so there are many twists, but they are somewhat absurd.

    It would be understandable if this movie led to an entertainment film, but it became nonsense because it advocates masterpieces such as Inception and Interstellar.

    Full Review and Recommendation and Disclaimer
  • Netizen rating: 3.79 (29 people)
    As I said in the beginning, it’s fine for killing time. You can skip unnecessary parts while watching. You can look at it as if you’re looking at it quickly.

    I recommend it to those who are looking for killing time. Otherwise, I don’t recommend it. The point of viewing is a life that changes when a man who tries to give up his life gets supernatural powers.

    Oh, and the first thing that came to mind while watching this movie is actually ‘Limitless’. I really enjoyed the movie. I think you can think of it as more fantasy.

    My personal rating was ‘[6.5 out of 10]’. I didn’t feel refreshed after watching it, but I enjoyed it.

    And the male lead keeps following the female lead… Rather than being pure, I was scared because I felt like a stalker. Nam Joo in the movie is a total stalker. But if you like classical romance, it might suit your taste.

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