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Scratching Covering in Gucci Bag Name

Why does a bag leather scratch occur?

The reasons for scratching in the bag are very diverse, but they can be divided into two main categories.

1. Scratch by external pressure;

2. Natural scratches according to the passage of time;

One is often worn as a dyeing operation. I saw a thief come in and step on it and get damaged, and someone cut it with scissors and torn it apart.

In this case, it can be restored or not depending on the degree of leather cut and tear.

And the leather part at the bottom of the bag, which has a lot of friction with the floor (or table)

Because these two places are frictional, scratches are the most common.

The rest of the leather was made of natural scratches over time.

The different patterns and textures of each kind of leather, you know?

Generally, the patterned leather is durable, and the plain leather is weaker durable and the scratch is more visible.

So if you are not confident to use it carefully when you buy a bag, you can choose it with a patterned leather. For example, caviar leather rather than ramskin, caviar leather rather than sapiano leather, and hard leather is unconditionally scratchy.

If you look at the leather of the Gucci bag, it’s very flat. So scratches are good, but there are more tees. These little scratches make the bag look old, so you better cover it with a restoration dye.

The scratches are all well covered. The colored part of the 레플리카 scratches is completely covered, giving a more luxurious and calm feeling.

The leather color of the Gucci bag was dark brown color close to black. If it is not pure white or pure black, all of them are colored and colored.

The coloring with human eyes doesn’t make it 100% colored. (In fact, it doesn’t make it 100% colored with a machine.)

And because the leather part is already faded, if you color it according to the faded leather color . the bag becomes blurred.

So, according to the color of the new bag, I focused on 99.9999% and worked on the coloring work so that I could not have a sense of difference with the bag.

Bag Leather Management Tip!

Most of the Gucci bags are made of zag cloth, only the corners, handles, and biases.

You feel like you’re all clean when you dye only the leather, which is part of the bag.

It is possible because the Zagadecheon part is well managed compared to leather.

It’s a luxury bag that you can manage. If you manage it well, you can use it clean for a long time.

Management is a very basic thing as follows.

1. Do not put the bag on the floor;

2. Absolute prohibition of alcohols when pollutants are buried;

No wet tissues!

just wipe it with a soft dry cloth

3. Prohibition of the use of dehumidifiers in storage X.

You can put a newspaper in your bag to remove the moisture

4. Best to keep in dust bags;

5. Use leather cream to self-care occasionally.

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